Whether Our Moods Depend on Weather, link to Daily Post

Whether Our Moods Depend on Weather

“Pa?” asked a young man named Dane, “Do you think our personality and decisions are affected by the weather? “Of course they are, son. Go ask that to your mother,” said the young man’s father, Harold. Dane went inside to speak with his mother. Her name was May.

“Mom,” said Dane; May was chopping up some green onions. “Yes, son,” said May. “What is it with the weather? Do you think it changes our mood and how we think?” “Yes, of course, son,” said May,

“For more than one reason… physiologically, when a human’s body is exposed to temperatures other than 70 ° f, it functions differently. We make our decisions, many times, based on exterior circumstances and/or interior reasons. Weather is an external influence, still an influence. Your body temperature is supposed to stay at about 96° – which is somewhat warmer than our preferred environment. People need their space more in the heat. When fall comes, we enjoy a whole new way of spending time together. These natural forms of physical surroundings are not the only reason that the weather affects us. We also act upon circumstances in which we “think” we should act on. The temperature and cool breezes, alone, are not the only things about fall that encourage us to become closer; we “think” our moods change without thinking too much about it. Therefore, we have an attitude from the combination of both internal and external influences.”

“That was an amazing answer, mom; thank you. I am going to go tell that to Pa,” said Dane. Dane went out and told these things to his father, who said his mother was right. They all shared lemon-steamed and peppered chicken with spices, broccoli, and potatoes for dinner before turning in.

Climate Control –
The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old. Do you agree? If yes, how does the weather affect your mood?



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