A Comment on Memory

A Comment on Memory

We, as humans, are said to, by psychologists, re-create our understanding and call it memory.  Our most vivid memories are only known with repetition.  Our memory, largely unknown to us consciously, is very selective.  We could not recall various things in our lives if we wanted to, however when we want to remember a happy time or an important thing, we repeat it.  If you think of something from the past for some time, it is a form of repetition, occurring over and over like sets of stills for an animation.

Consciously using repetition is a way of remembering something.  Long term memories are held onto for as long as possible by the people who cherish them.  These most important memories are harder to come by – your first bike or car, ect.  New occurrences in life compare only in chance.  Your “main” or long-term memories are not outdone by choice very often, however newer more vivid memories have more of a chance of even being known of by you.  Many memories are unknown without some form of a reminder.  When those old memories need a jog one can use old photo albums, family and friends, and even re-created calendars.  How can we remember what we want?

Take a deep breath, exhale, and remember the things that remind you mostly of what you want to know.  Eventually those sparks can flame into a fire you can see, feel, and or recreate.  As time goes by these things can get harder due to a thing called natural physiology.  Sometimes, however, people increase their memory as they age, because they learn to think in re-defined ways. Our memory does fade in time. This has to do with physical brain cell loss and repair, and includes natural deterioration.  These were just thoughts to ponder upon; I think we have more of a chance of enjoying newer memories when we consider them.  We should strive to make the best memories of our lives every day.


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