Shot Out to “The Darkest Tunnel” Blog

In life, it seems, at times, that we are traveling through a dark tunnel. No flashlight, no candle, just direction and some hope that we can achieve understanding, and we trod forward. Maybe there are those of us that pursue what we seek as understanding through our writing. I do, at times, even if I, for the most part, write stories to attempt to impress readers, to entertain, or to consider.

I appreciate it when someone follows my blog. I know I am not the best writer out there; I have studied our language and the craft of forming prose for many years, now, only hope to learn a better grasp of technique and concision.

Natalie Swift followed us here on; her blog is “The Darkest Tunnel” and she is admired by her readers. I attempted to post a comment and the internet went out, so once I got it back working, I decided to write out a post. Here is the comment I tried to send to her blog:

Hello, Natalie. Thank you for following my blog. Nice blog; I will enjoy exploring it further. I do not post very often yet hope you enjoy my various attempts with the short story form. To read most of the short stories, it may be easiest to search for “short story” within the search bar. I read every issue of “The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction,” and I am always happy to discuss the stories contained within their publication. I enjoy the teachings/writings of Thomas Kane and also read “Writer’s Digest.” Thank you again for liking my new story, hope its grammatical style was not too ashamedly horrid. 🙂

I do plan to revise “The Story of Mathias Wizandar”. It’s notion deserves a re-write, that is for sure. The story was inspired largely from reading “The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction”. Week in plot, the story mostly introduces a character. Reader’s who enjoyed my story mentioned above are sure to enjoy Rachel Pollack’s story, “Visible Cities” (found within the current issue of the above mentioned publication) even more. Here is a link to “Writer’s Digest,” and one to “The Darkest Tunnel.”

May we, as aspiring and continuing authors, find what we seek; or, at least, continue to approach the notion. 🙂