Jaciamic, A Whole New Adjective

Jaciamic, A Whole New Adjective

I love me. I love others, too. This is a highly personal prompt for us new writers that know little of popularity and what it might entail. I would like to think that we all, as humans, have our positive attributes.

Do you want to know one of my favorite words? It is dedication. I am dedicated to what I am after. Be it the writing career I constantly think of as secondary in importance or the all-encompassing word “health”.

There is always a difference in between right and wrong – always the “best” route. Sound tricky? I have found that it is not too tricky to be who you can be. Here is a notion: even if you do not know everything that can be known, go with what you can gather. Make good decisions based off what you know; give an optimistic view towards others when you can. I think of dogmatism; I pursue the understanding of wisdom.

Dogmatism means many things to many people. The roots of the word have been associated with religion and arrogance. I think of it as knowing well how to perceive a situation; how to know whether the truth is in front of you, or if you are believing an actor’s lie for their hard-to-explain benefit. I try to know what is best.

Wisdom wise, it is a fact that we gain in understanding with age. Trying to figure things out is not always easy; we have science, other people, and technology to pursue our thirst for knowledge. Applying that knowledge is never too easy; it cannot be too impossible, albeit.  In regards to writing; I love the study of grammar and the ability to properly use various styles.  For now, I am the happy author learning.

In conclusion; I mean well. I stay moving, eat, and sleep properly. I have my fun with writing; fiction is the only means by which many authors can relate worlds and settings that people never see or know of in real life. To describe a surreal environment that you know of can be appreciated, somehow. “What is Jaciamic?” you may ask? It is the descriptive word of a person who is dedicated to what they can be. It is a person that strives to find what they can within themselves to achieve a goal. It is the strength we can fathom… it is you; it is me.


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