The Sun also Rises

One time, I returned home from work, late in the night.  It was a good night; getting off work later meant we had better business.  The last person I saw was an old acquaintance of mine.  We will call him Hulk.  I will not put his real name here.  Hulk is an interesting fellow, albeit.  His job happens twice – he works a real job, and he is also a bodyguard.

Hulk works for a place that cleans cars.  About 5’10”, Hulk is above the size of a welter-weight.  At any rate, a handsome man, he usually protects a beautiful woman.  Thin and well-endowed, she is a flawless individual.  Another man also protects her along with hulk – I have never seen him.  Does she alone request this protection?  Your answer is no.

Her man requests her protection – she is the pretty.  Many women are pretty, however her man cannot always be around, so he has these two men protect her.  What was going on in Hulk’s mind?  Many things.  One probably had to do with whether I was going to go over and talk his ear off.  I did no such thing.  The other had to do with the moon.  “Well,” must have Hulk thought, “The moon is out.”  Somewhat dissatisfied, he probably cheered up somewhat by thinking, “And the sun also rises.”

The End.



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