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My Dream, the Toy-Maker

Once upon a time there was a young boy named Mathew.  Matt was nine years old.  Spending time with his grandfather was an often occurrence of his on the weekends.  It gave his parents a break.  As a growing boy, Matt usually ate more at his grandparents.  One weekend, it was late on Saturday afternoon.

“Grand ma, what are we having for dinner tonight?  May I help out?” asked Matt.  Matt loved helping his grandmother, however he usually was not allowed.  “Your grandfather is outside changing the oil in that big iron box he calls a car.  Go help him, and I will fix us three up something splendid,” said his grandmother.  Matt went outside to see his grandfather.

“What can I do for you, grand pa?” asked Matt.  “Hold this light,” said his grandfather.  Matt held the light, and his grandfather loosened the oil filter from the bottom of a large engine.  The old oil drained into a pan, and his grandfather was happy that it was not too difficult to get the filter off.  Matt’s grandfather wanted to talk, did not know what to say.  “So,” he asked, “What would you become if you could do anything you wanted to with your life?”  “I am not sure,” said Matt, “I will probably try to do well in school and become a doctor.  If I do not make it, I can always find an easier route.”

“What would you do for a job while in school?” asked his grandfather.  “Anything that might make people happy, I guess,” said Matt, “I could cook for people.”  At that time Mathew looked up to the shelf in the old dusty garage of his grandfathers.  The shadows there never caught much light, not even during times close to noon.  “What are those stringed dolls up there?” asked Matt.  “Those are mine,” said his grandfather, “I made them with my dad when I was very young.  They are carved out of wood and painted.  I wanted a new radio for Christmas one year; Pa was out of work.  We made those dolls, and I got a radio for my birthday.”

“Wow,” said Matt.  “There are a lot of expensive toys out there, these days,” he said aloud.  “There sure are,” said his grandfather, “Most toys come from large manufacturers by the thousands, now.”  “I do not guess there is not anyway to make good toys, is there?” asked Matt.  “Oh sure there is,” said his grandfather, “You could start a small hobby store including small remote electronic devices and stay busy all day long.”  “I think that is what I am going to do,” said Mathew.  His grandfather had the car put back together and was pouring in the last pint of new oil.  “What do you have in mind, Matt?” asked his grandfather.  “When I grow up,” said Matt,” I am going to become a toy-maker.”

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