Pictures of You; a Link to the Daily Prompt

Pictures of You

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Ron. He met a beautiful young woman named Lindsay. They shared a few classes together in college; they were study partners in English Literature II. They discussed weekly topics on the literature assigned to them by their professor’s curriculum, and re-hashed the main occurrences of their readings to make sure they got great grades every weekly quiz.

From time to time, as they met for a scheduled hour, two to three times a week, the two tedious students made their way to the “food court” on their college campus. Ron thought the world of Lindsay, did not really know too much about her. He always wanted to cover the important sides of their readings. Never did he pry into the pretty young lady’s personal life. He cared for her.

One time, in the “food court”, the football mascot of their college was dancing around to get students to go to the game. Lindsay wanted to take pictures with the mascot, so Ron offered to with his phone. They came out fine. He e-mailed them to her. She was impressed.

Finals were on the way, and the two continued to study together. Finals were soon to over; the two were confident that they would make an “A”. The day of the big test came. Ron had done his reading, he knew he would do fine on the test. Once the test was over, the scores were to be posted outside of the office of the professor in one hour. Lindsay was sure to go there then, and Ron would most certainly see her. He decided to get her a dozen red roses and profess his love to her; he knew no one he could love more.

The test came. They both filled out their answers and left. Ron hurried to the flower store in town, and made it back with a dozen roses in precisely one hour. He walked to the professor’s office and saw the scores, but no Lindsay. Both students made an “A”. He continued his path with the flowers behind his back, figuring he would see her any moment. Other students were around. The hall led to another stairway, as well as the closest one to the professor’s office.

Ron made his way back, only to see Lindsay kissing with a football player. The two did not see him; Ron went down the hall and out via the other stairway. He through out the roses and let it go. He should have known, he thought – what was he thinking, anyway? He looked at his pictures of her on his phone one last time and went back to his dormitory.

pictures of you – the cure



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