A Snap-shot, a Presentation…

tones with c

The above image makes me happy – it means that I will, eventually have a song available for you.  I may also be able to present an even better song, eventually, that may sound similar.  This is a forty minute song that will be available for order by mail as a C.D.  It was originally an experimental practice session, however I listened to it for about a year and enjoyed it, decided to share it, somehow.  “tones with c” has no lyrics; one can sleep or dance to it.

The second half is the first half reversed, sounds fun, especially on repeat.  I am happy that it will be possible to share; the title and upc numbers will be the same when it is available within ten days.  It is an electronic piano recording with basic ‘synth’ beats as ‘metronomic’ rhythm.  Though not as exciting as many nin albums or other professional music discs; I hope you check it out.  Happy blogging!


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