The Letter

The Letter

     One time, there was a pretty young girl named Patty.  She was walking home from school; her bus just dropped her off.  “What a long day,” she thought, and she saw a small piece of paper on the ground with the word “Dear” visible.  Patty picked up the note and read it while continuing to walk – she was in a hurry to get home, trying to get a sugar cookie for a chore she had been thinking of all day.  The letter read:

“Dear Galvin,

I am happy you are my boyfriend.  I like the candy you give me; my friends think you are cool.  One day, you can work for my daddy and buy a car.  I am glad we are ‘going together’.  I love you.

Your girlfriend,


“I know of a Penelope,” thought Patty, “She is in the grade above me.  I will have to bring this note to her tomorrow – I wonder if it is the same person.  We could be friends, one day, if she is a nice person.”

Patty returned home in good time and took out all of the trash in her house.  Her mother would return at any minute – she was sure to be allowed to eat at least one nice, fluffy sugar cookie.


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