My Happy Room

My Happy Room

One time, it was 2AM.  I should go off to bed, I thought, then I hear an onomatopoeia – “Ka-Shworkan!”  I turned slowly to look in the direction of the surprising noise – as if there was ever a time when nothing was going on.  It was a magical new room; I could hear it thinking.  It said, “Three things that you bring… you and I disappearing.  Three things that you bring; we will be gone.”  It spoke these thoughts in silence a few times and faded away.

I would have been somewhat scared; I actually would have been freaked out.  I was not, however.  Being scared of things that did not matter too much was a thing of the past, for me.  I looked to the room, it was pitch black with a doorway.  It reminded me of “The Twilight Zone” with Alfred Hitchcock.  “Hmm,” I thought, “What could I bring in there?”  A candle would be a given.  I suppose I could grab a book and a writing pad, too.  After all, what else would I prefer?

I grabbed a book at random from a shelf, lit a candle, and got my pen and writing pad.  I walked through the door.  A huge couch magically appeared with a lamp-stand for my candle.  I put the candle on the stand and began to write.  I wrote, “A Few Thoughts and Criticism’s on Steven King’s, ‘Mr. Mercedes’…”  The composition would be a nice idea for public audience commentary.

I re-read through the parts of the new book I enjoyed the most – the room seemed to listen and agree while I worked.  An approximate 800 words later, I felt as though the composition was complete.  The room and I faded away… we were no more.


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