Three Songs

Three Songs

One time two young college students were studying during the afternoon.  The young man, Nicholas, was studying for a mathematics class.  The young lady, Samantha, was reviewing her notes and reading for a social sciences class.  The two had inhabited a table outside of a Biology building.  They knew each other through other people; they found each other to be pleasant acquaintances.  Sam listened to her headphones and read for a while; Nick went over his math problems and began to solve them one by one.

Some time had gone by and Nick noticed Sam was daydreaming.  Half complete with his math work for the day, Nick decided to speak.  “What are you listening to?” he asked.  “It is a selection of mp3 files I put on a disk from the web,” said Sam, “The disk has three of my most favorite songs on it.”  “Oh?” said Nick, “What are your three most favorite songs?”  “I do not really have three most favorite songs,” said Sam, “I listen to different music depending on my mood or the time of the day.”  “Wow,” said Nick, “I suppose I do that, too.  I guess I do that, when I think about it.”


“So,” he asked again, “What are the three favorite songs on the disk?”  “She had been stalling, wanting to speak of phenomenal music that any person would agree on.  She only had twelve selections; she spoke.”  “I have a Mozart song, ‘Faith’, by George Michael, and some random song I liked by a rock and roll band, Black Diamond,” said Sam, trying to hide the idea that she was trying to impress Nick.  “I have heard of Black Diamond,” said Nick, “I do not know too much about them.”  She let him listen to the first part of their song and he liked it.

The two became close buddies and dated other people.  Once graduated, they worked in the same city for different companies, got married to other people, and their families stayed in close relations to each other for years and years.


moonlight sonata


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