Thoughts on Bottled Up Emotions

Thoughts on Bottled Up Emotions

Keeping your emotions in a container is not always a healthy practice.  Many of us know these things; psychology students can tell us why.  Negative stress can go from internal anguish to actual physical discomfort and even harm.  People can die from anxiety attacks, so there are reasons to pay attention to the leaders of consideration – that is my simple take on these topics.

I personally am emotional all day long.  I make the customer happy, try to teach when others can learn, and I constantly pursue wisdom as an avid learner.  People say, “Just let it go.  It should not matter so much to you; you will cheer up sometime.”  It is not always easy to rid ourselves of kept secrets/emotions.  One way I figure it out – no dwelling.  If you have to think about something, fine; do not continue to repeat thoughts that are going to upset you.  Think about something else; there are always new topics, always.

My two most popularly contained emotions are love and anger.  I am usually a dead giveaway with the first.  People know when I like them; I do not touch anyone, really.  Around public people all the time, I try to minimize physical contact; it is the best for now.  I love all people.  As far as anger goes; I let it go.  I just do.  I have every reason, from time to time, to be upset – I let it go.  Many times, in order for my anger to be a very real thing, I have to figure out, ultimately, why I am upset.  It takes a bit of thought.  So, if I do not think of anything, I will no longer be upset.  If I can justify anger, I can justify forgiveness, understanding, or new avenues of consideration.  If you read this, “like” it or comment, and I will visit your blog.  Thank you for you time.

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