Flowering Purple Basil


About a year ago, I got a two Purple Basil plants. I am no master gardener, so I have tried to do well with keeping them healthy. I changed the soil out (Miracle Grow) once ever ten weeks or so and keep low-wattage bulbs on them with a timer. I water them only once or twice a day and ‘mist’ them gently with a spray bottle of water. I also give them those little plant food sticks once every two weeks or so.


As happy as I have been that the plants even stayed living, I was even happier to see them flower. I did not know they could flower and was pretty amazed. So, I took some amateur photos of them to share. I think they are pretty awesome and cannot wait to see if the flowers make seeds. I am pretty sure they will need to be pollinated – we’ll see whether such a notion is even possible.


Thank you for viewing this post. I was happy to share these photos with you.

A Day in January

Today has been a wonderful day. The breeze was cool, the sunlight beautiful. This year I am 40. My birthday was last Sunday, and I must say, I plan to live this year to its fullest. I am working on a fantasy novel for an hour or two each day I can, and it is coming along well. On goodreads, I have recently communicated with a few authors I knew, before, and have also encountered many others.

There exists a handful of books I cannot wait to read -have to make time for my writing, too, lest I risk not accomplishing what I hope a reader audience as well as myself will enjoy. I am currently reading a few pages of Stephen King’s “On Writing” every night before I turn in. I was hesitant to read the book, at first, as he is so well-known for horror. I decided to risk the endeavor, however, and have found that his advice on living and writing well are not scary yet valuable. About 170 pages into the book, it is coming along nicely.

It has occurred to me that, while I have studied many grammar books and have read plenty of classics and occasional best-sellers, not to mention a few novels by independent authors, I still have a lot of reading to do. The top ten fantasy/science fiction authors currently in the business have plenty of books available. I have not read 98% of these works, so I definitely have some reading to do.

I am of the mind that the mechanics of a great story involving mystical beings and adventure do not always have to be inspired from what contemporary authors have written, however it will be nice to have read more books once I have. The book I am working on may not even compare to the powerful juggernautic novels currently in the bestsellers lists, however I plan to do all I can for its final text to be something people of all ages will enjoy for many years to come.

To my new followers and people who follow jcm3blog, thank you for reading. I am always a big fan of my audience, as I hope it grows to be a group of admirable thinkers who enjoy reading my writing as much as I do. Study grammar for style – write with your heart. The world will love your every intriguing story. Anytime you would like to contact jcm3blog, send e-mail to admin@jcm3blog.com. We may be low on time, it is only because we try to use it wisely. God bless you and have a wonderful day. 🙂

Purple Basil and Baby Pumpkin

pb1 pb2

These two photos are very similar.  As I am not very good with photography, yet, I still wanted to share these two images.  When I began blogging, over a year ago, one of my most favorite blogs was Prairie Views, and still is.  I love to grow pumpkin flowers, as usually anything else I try to grow dies within an 8 week time frame.  I have never properly pollinated a pumpkin flower, however they are sure pretty when they grow to be large and yellow-orange.

The two plants with many leaves are Purple Basil plants, which have doubled in height in the past 9 weeks or so.  The little baby seedling in the bottom of the photo is a sturdy pumpkin sprout I germinated and planted around 10.28.15.  Its roots have already grown outside of its container, so I am sure the seedling will grow to be a tall, healthy vine with flowers.  Will it be pollinated?  I am not sure.  If it lives to make flowers, I may try to pollinate them, even though my past attempts with pollination were of no success. The flowers are nice once in full bloom.

As for the Purple Basil, I am not sure what I plan to do with it, as I did not think it would live this long.  If it lives two years, I will probably give it to a trusted gardener, upon finding one.  Thank you for visiting jcm3blog.com – a great place to discuss astounding short fiction.  Thank you, too, for your understanding in regards to the quality of these photos – I hope you enjoy them. 🙂

To My Followers, February, 2015

This month is a wonderful one and monumental in so many ways.  This post is a more personal one, it is to keep you from leaving the blog I so love and admire.  I keep this blog up and going for one reason – to celebrate the art of great fiction.  I originally created jcm3blog to share stories with friends/loved ones.  Now, it is what I have to present a story to the world when I simply cannot withhold it.

It may be a while; however, before I cease to quickly write down an idea and leave it; I am helping present a writing contest for Oval.  Proud to do such a thing, we have received many submissions.  Great literature is profound.  It is not always easy to find the time to praise it.  I plan to make time to do such a thing, somehow, anyway.  Thank you for following my blog; I enjoy thinking of writing as a hue of science.  English can be appreciated best by those who have tried to know its entirety.

Most of the preliminary work we have done on Oval and what I do on the web can be seen with the twitter posts below.  If it is quite some time before you see a story I do – for jcm3blog – remember, we will be here for as long as possible.  I love to write.  Creating great fiction is a passionate pursuit of mine.  When I do, I make it known here.  I am still working on a revision of my first book and the journal I kept while finishing it; those items will get more attention in July.  Thank you for your time; remember, if you leave a comment on this blog, it is appreciated, mediated.  Tell us all your thoughts on writing; happy blogging!

My Most Prized Possession

My Most Prized Possession

Like the cleanliness of a floor with nothing on it, and as the deep sea’s endless flatness presents to us a peaceful existence when it can, I prefer nothing.  My most prized possession is not having one.  John Lennon mentioned this idea in a song or two; Buddhists consider the notion, too.  Even Christians are against forms of greed, though Satanists enjoy the notion of indulgence.  No one wants to make a mistake… I have goals.  Many people do.  I love to write; being able to is a talent I consider to be somewhat of a possession of mine.

I am new to writing as a craft, compared to what I want to be able to do with it eventually.  I have been able to write well for most of my life; I realize that there are techniques that I still have yet to master.  Anyone can sit and jot some prose without too much difficulty; I am still new enough with writing to be in pursuit of my own style and voice.  I do already have both a voice and a style; you do, too.  Being able to choose your own voice or writing style can be a challenge if you make it hard on yourself.  It will be a worthwhile endeavor, even if we do not find these goals to be easy.  Not for me… natural talent is one thing; I still have some exploration to do in the world of grammar and style.

For the most part, though, I am happy with what I can already do.  My talent is hard for me not to covet; being too proud would certainly have its mindless drawbacks from a secondary perspective.  I love to write.  I plan to.  I like reading others’ writings; I want to do better than most.  I think I can.

So, to be new to an old art is a fun and exciting adventure.  I do not have a lot, worldly possession wise.  I am not overly concerned with the notion.  I will be thrifty or giving when I can – I hope my books sell to millions of readers before  I die.  I have a few projects that I am working on.  Life is not easy for me, for now.  With tentative financial debt and a dedicated quasi-addiction to writing; I do what I can.

Hats off to you though, if you chose a car or house or even a week-willed person.  You can have something and suffer the consequences as a calculated cost.  Praise that idol.  Keep it well.  Let it all go; the choice is indeed yours when you are able… know that I am behind you.  I hope you as the audience enjoy my words.  I, from time to time, put what thought I can into them.  My goals with writing are usually achieved in my opinion.  I have nothing else I want more, and I plan to gain, gain, gain.

I have no possession to covet; my writing is my breath of life.  If you have read this, thank you for your time and more power to you.  Be what you can be.  Choose well, for the future is at hand.

Thoughts on Bottled Up Emotions

Thoughts on Bottled Up Emotions

Keeping your emotions in a container is not always a healthy practice.  Many of us know these things; psychology students can tell us why.  Negative stress can go from internal anguish to actual physical discomfort and even harm.  People can die from anxiety attacks, so there are reasons to pay attention to the leaders of consideration – that is my simple take on these topics.

I personally am emotional all day long.  I make the customer happy, try to teach when others can learn, and I constantly pursue wisdom as an avid learner.  People say, “Just let it go.  It should not matter so much to you; you will cheer up sometime.”  It is not always easy to rid ourselves of kept secrets/emotions.  One way I figure it out – no dwelling.  If you have to think about something, fine; do not continue to repeat thoughts that are going to upset you.  Think about something else; there are always new topics, always.

My two most popularly contained emotions are love and anger.  I am usually a dead giveaway with the first.  People know when I like them; I do not touch anyone, really.  Around public people all the time, I try to minimize physical contact; it is the best for now.  I love all people.  As far as anger goes; I let it go.  I just do.  I have every reason, from time to time, to be upset – I let it go.  Many times, in order for my anger to be a very real thing, I have to figure out, ultimately, why I am upset.  It takes a bit of thought.  So, if I do not think of anything, I will no longer be upset.  If I can justify anger, I can justify forgiveness, understanding, or new avenues of consideration.  If you read this, “like” it or comment, and I will visit your blog.  Thank you for you time.

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