To My Followers, A Rare and Fun Song or Two

To My Followers… some fun

Hello, all.  I have estimated that at least two people will see this post.  Hencethoughtforth I present to you a favorite song to listen to.  It is my guesses that this band did not have the time to properly market their talent, must have pursued survival via another method.

At any rate, I found this great video and hope you can enjoy it; it is one of my favorites.  Will I e-e-e-ver get back to my other two novels? … ma-a-a-aybe.

Happy Blogging!

Here is my current favorite site for easy listening, nin dot com

and fun video from slipKnot: cool, psychosocial

and yet another, here… love you guys!

I enjoyed Rammstein, too… here is a link to many of their videos. 🙂

“My work will never be done -” me.


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