The Ride Back

The Ride Back

I had asked for two days off in a row; permission was granted.  Where was I to go?  Photoblogging!  Of course people of adventurous natures get into it… me too.  I took pictures of anything and everything with my new camera – it could hold over 1,000 photos in its memory.  I had enough footage to spend the next year with in editing and web display.  People would definitely like to see these photos; I was in action!

It was the trip back that I remembered the most, albeit.  Out of all of those sites, all of the crazy positions and smiling people in those parts of America, it was the ride back that I remembered most.  She was tall and thin, speechless.  She was blonde.  What was her name? I will probably never know.  I needed a place to sit on the bus; I smelled her from the door.  She did not smell bad; I liked it.

I caught a faint smell of flowers and sweat as I opened the door.  Only two things smelled this way – sex and summertime.  Surely I was not able to sit by her.  She was listening to her headphones, a trance mix.  There were other seats, she motioned for me to sit next to her, offered one of her headphones to me.  So I sat with her for three hours listening to trance music, as she placed her arm on my shoulders.  It was summertime, and that was the best bus ride of my entire life.


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