A Date

A Date

“Pardon me,sir” said the twenty-two year old female named Anne. “Oh no,” said a middle-aged man named Mr. Worksenotatal, “Excuse me.” The young woman was in a hurry to get a letter in the mail at the post office. He was not even paying attention; he was off of work for the day and trying to decide on his next direction of lonely venture.

“If you do not mind me asking, why do you look so sad?” asked Anne. “Mr W.” said, “I am alone, now, my ‘living partner’ and her girlfriend left me this last week. I am not really too sad; I will meet someone, sometime.” “You probably could not be alone if you tried to,” said Anne. “That is rather profound coming from someone as young as you,” said Mr W., “How old are you?”

“Who me?” asked Anne, checking her watch; she had to get back in time for a show on cable. “I am twenty-two,” she replied, “You would have to buy me dinner somewhere to learn more, otherwise, I might not have the time.” She was just playing around; the man seemed like a nice enough guy, though.

“I will take you anywhere in the city,” said Mr. W. He had not been out to eat in months. “I have not gone to the new restaurant on top of the Hilton on Sixth and Main,” said Anne, thinking she might as well give it a shot. It was possibly the nicest place to eat in the whole city. “I hear that is a 5 star restaurant; they have a Swiss hamburger melt for 19$ that is worth it. It is their least expensive lunch item,” said Mr. W.

“I am more into chicken, tacos, or pasta salads,” said Anne, “I bet they have something there I would enjoy; we can talk then.” “When do you want to go?” asked Mr. W. “How about Tuesday night at 6 PM?” said Anne. She had no reason to be afraid of the poor man. The dinner would be nice; she may be able to pay him back, one day. “Is this a date?” asked Mr. W. “It is a date!” said Anne and gave the sad man a hug. She wrote down her address and the time and day.

He accepted the information – they would talk. They went to the expensive place; the food was divine. They had interesting conversation and made another date. One day, they would figure out why they liked each other… one day.


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