Person of 2014

Person of 2014

“So, who is the most interesting person you have met this year?” asked the woman named Kady.  She was speaking with someone on the subway named Aklan, a person of religion from India.  Aklan had said, “It is nice meeting you – I am thinking to look up your writings, someday.  You are the most interesting person that I have met on this day.”

“Oh, I already know a great many interesting people,” said Aklan, “I sell gold with my husband.  We import metal and jewels from India, and we cater to some interesting people, indeed.”  “Are these people really wealthy?” asked Kady.  “I should hope so; we do stay in business, somehow,” answered Aklan, “I am trying to decide on the most interesting one.”

Kady looked at her watch; the ride would not be over for another twenty minutes or so.  “I think the most interesting person was a young woman,” said Aklan, “She came in and bought a rare sapphire bracelet with the saying ‘Forever Love’ engraved on the outside.  ‘Nice choice’ I said.  She said it was for her girlfriend.”  “Oh,” said Kady.  “I am not really like that,” said Aklan, “However I found it ‘interesting’ enough.”  The two finished their ride mostly in silence.


3 thoughts on “Person of 2014

    • Hi, Kay; I have not met you yet. By this I mean I look forward to visiting your interesting blog. Plenty of us go with this technique; the more we describe the detail of our characters and settings, the more readers will enjoy our small stories. Of course it is always good to include a protagonist and a climax for the plot; for daily posts, I sometimes invent a few characters. I give the characters random names and place them somewhere where they can speak about whatever topic I would prefer – as any writer would do. This way we can convey a form of entertaining message without too much of a risk in opinion of who writes the post. The last thing we want as writers of topics for adults is to be considered to be like our characters or labeled as someone who may posses the traits of highly colorful and creative good and bad guys. Thank you for you comment; please, pardon any verbosity. Check out my about page to look into the book of stories I published in May of 2014.

      Happy Blogging – jcm3 🙂


      • I meant I liked the idea of doing something fictional for this challenge. I was wracking my brain trying to think of someone interesting that I’ve met in the last year and couldn’t come up with anything good. And in the end, I did something fictional (it’s here, if you care to read it), although I actually had a college professor whose nickname Dr. Satan, and this really was something he might have done for a final.

        And he actually did start his first class my winter term by saying, “They don’t call me Dr. Satan for nothing.” 🙂


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