Her Loss, Part One of Three

Cecilia’s Loss, Part One of Three

One time there was a beautiful housewife named Cecilia Evans.  She was a school teacher, married a wealthy stock broker named Christian Evans.  He thought it was best that they buy a house together; they did.  Cecilia loved to teach; she was a 4th grade teacher who endured complicated choices.

Cecilia’s teaching was her dream job; she worked hard in college to complete her degree.  Once done with college, she was grateful to receive an offer to teach.  This was her big loss – she married Christian.  After having loved her job and doing well at it for four years in a row, she met him.  Cecilia was making about 26-k a year and living with herself, her place, and an old Zenith.

Cecilia’s father was a member of a golfing resort group of retired professionals.  She went there with him to eat lunch on Sundays once a month or so; that is where she met Christian.  He also was eating with his older, yet frail, father.  Christian himself was a larger man, 6′ 3”, and had big hands.  Not a body builder, Christian was still large in the gut.

Why would Cecilia leave teaching young minds the beauty of creative development and learning?  Christian’s stock broker job brought in over 250,000-k a year, and he promised her in front of her dad that they could get a big house together.  He would be moving in a few months to a larger city for his job; she could look for a new job once there and tend to the new house.

Cecilia had her thoughts on not going through with this major decision; she went with Christian, nevertheless.  Did she miss teaching?  Cecilia did.  Cecilia missed her students, their parents, surviving on her own – she missed it all.  She liked the new house at first.  It was huge, and the neighbors seemed nice enough when they were around.  The Evans’ mansion contained eight similar guest rooms.  Four of these rooms were on the second floor, and four were beneath them.  There was another bedroom for guests that was larger than the eight similar rooms.  The large house contained a front foyer, a ballroom, many bathrooms and closets, two kitchens, and a den.  There was also the main bedroom for Christian and Cecilia.  They both enjoyed the sex during their first year of marriage; it was no surprise.

Cecilia was not having good success with finding a job as a teacher.  It was a big city; her credentials could not compete.  She kept procrastinating the pursuit of a new career due to a two-fold situation.  Her first problem was simply the big house – she spent all of her time keeping it clean and remodeling.  It was a beautiful piece of artwork – she constantly received high praise for her interior photo-posts from her blog followers.  She posted new digital pictures of her remodeling all of the time.  Christian was impressed with her work from time to time, but usually only tentatively.  Friends and family from all over came to visit, this too took up time and somehow kept Cecilia from returning to teaching.  She cooked in a painstaking manner, became known among many.

Her second problem was the heavy hitter – Christian.  He was such a nice man for so long.  For the first fourteen months of their marriage, he only found more and more success.  He was a genius in regards to market research; he and his men used their power to gain more and more clout.  They became a dominant force in the market place.  “Why do you still long to teach again?” asked Christian all of the time, “Do I not bring home enough ‘bacon’?”  “I just thought I liked it,” said Cecilia.  She eventually found a part-time summer volunteer position teaching art to children one hour a morning, four mornings a week, for the “Y”, a community gym in their city.  This was a suggestion by one of her housewife neighbors, and it did bring some small amount of joy to Cecilia’s life.

Every night when Christian came home he exclaimed things like, “What is for dinner?  Did you remember to get the things I asked you for?” and so on.  He took up drinking alcohol before bedtime; Christian also drank during some business transactions.  He was becoming less considerate of Cecilia; she was trying harder and harder to please her man.  She only knew of their downward spiral subconsciously.  Over the next two years Christian became more verbally confident; Cecilia saw time fly by with little to go along with it other than the physical pains of an aging housewife.  Christian’s dominance was gaining, and so was his nightly consumption of aged whiskey.  What would happen to their relationship if she could not work these things out?  She tried and tried to be a nicer woman.  What would happen to her?  What would happen to Christian?


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