My Thought Capsule, Longing for Gravity

My Thought Capsule

Once I was out of our atmosphere, I was free. My days of research, all my interactions with others, any people or places I used to love – all gone. Why was I on this trip to Mars? Who could have stopped me? Once the other scientists and doctors inspected the laboratory, why would I care?

“They can never catch me!” I thought to myself – I was on a suicide mission of my own creation. Mars would now have life. It would only take about twenty years to really get things going, and in a few hundred years the whole planet would be covered with lakes, rivers, jungles, and prairies.

How could this happen? I took the pill. I designed it. Inside were tiny spores that would one day turn into many different life forms. These would be mostly micro-organisms and animals. The spores would gather moisture from the air for life and planetary development; there would be no humans. The humans on Earth could study this life, could farm on the prairies of Mars. My days were over.

A question came to mind, though. What would I miss the most? For me, it was another hard toss-up. I would watch the development of Mars in spirit. I was excited about that… I figured I would miss the people, most of all. I enjoyed fine foods, the science of making things from other things, and remote locations able to bring peace to the mind of a human. I would miss going off to sleep to exist in other realms. I would be fine. After all, they could not stop me.

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