Shelley’s Clouds

Mary Shelley, famous for “Frankenstein”, is known as the founder of the science fiction genre. For all these decades. A scientist built a monster who was the end of him (the scientist); the irony of the story gave it fame in Europe. The story has been read or seen by many since. On her birthday, bing presented a wallpaper of her castle. Here is a watercolor painting, a photo of one, inspired by the image of the castle. The background clouds were an attempt to utilize a gouche, brush, ‘cloud-making’ technique, of ‘perceived’ Asian origin. The flower in the clouds attempts to approach the semblance of an orchid. Thank you for viewing the photo; I hope you have the time to read a few of my stories, too. ūüôā

photo of watercolor, "Shelley's Clouds"

Inspired from an image on bing dot com presented on Marry Shelley’s birthday, “Shelley’s Clouds” presents a slightly visible ‘orchid’ cloud attempted to be painted with ‘Japanese Gouche’ technique. She ‘founded’ the science fiction genre with “Frankenstein”, a story whose irony became its way to fame.

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Once a Day…

Once a Day

Once a day, this site posts a new picture; it is amazing to see how realistic oils are these days.  Professional artists have become competitive.  Their skills are none the lacking.  Check out a new painting with a description everyday here:

Artist a Day

This is one of my favorite websites.  I enjoy reading the mini-biographies about the artists, their training, and how their pieces of artwork were selected.  I welcome any commentary on art РI appreciate it as I can.