Before 2015

Before 2015

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     Ah, what are my goals?  I have many; it is so nice to actually think of them.  Doing well at what I do is mostly what I am after.  No one wants to do less than what they could have.  I also cannot justify over-doing it.  One goal I have is to sell my new book, “A Collection of Tales”, found here and here: .

My other goals include staying healthy in both the body and the mind, taking care of what financial obligations I can.  Writing 101 starts June 2!  I am actually going to spend time, daily, doing that.  I am working on two books.  Proud to be an independent author, I plan to take my time with these, as I took ample time for my first book (above).

Just today I continued mapping out my first really motivating book idea from four years ago.  During this year, even if I do not have over 90,000 words for both of these ongoing projects, I plan to approach such an idea.  My first book was over 90,000 words; these may or may not be.  One project is a fantasy book, and the other is a semi-romantic novel.  The latter will not be as long as the former, in all guesses.

All wonderful writers read, too.  It is known.  If you want to write well, read.  Well, I have a few books of my own.  I find it hard to make the time for them, however I do plan to continue reading as this year slips away.  I am currently reading two books on writing, an occasional e-book via, and, most importantly, a book.  I put off getting a Dragon-Lance Chronicles book for most of my entire life.  I went and got one in December of 2013, however.  It is about 649 pages long; I have read about 40 pages of it.  A huge fan of Tolkien and Lewis, I enjoy comparing anything considered to be a fantasy work to those two well-known authors.

In my fantasy novel, I will attempt to use many beings, traditional and non-traditional.  It will be a tale with indirect allusions to “Robinson Caruso”, “Gilaghan’s Island”, and “The Hobbit” – all three stories mixed with a little original magic of my own.  The novel will include a war.  I hope I am as impressed with my current two projects as I am (so far) with “A Collection of Tales”.  I received the proof of the book in the mail today; I was impressed, indeed.  I like the matte finish; the lettering is easily readable; the cover was fun to make and see; and I hope readers everywhere enjoy it somehow.

I have heard before, “If it is not broken, do not fix it.”  This year, I plan to keep on keeping on.  I want to impress myself and others.  I am dedicated to helping you and me.  We will do well together – we will.