Something I Would Not Mind

Something I Would Not Mind

“Anything is possible,” said Mick Harmon, Analysts Specialist of Invecor, a brokerage firm I recently accepted a job offer from. “So I could take this object, bring it back here, and it would be mine?” I asked. “As long as you do not mind being in the movie and wearing a nice suit,” said Mick.

“I love to dress up,” I said, “How will the filming crews keep up with me?” “There will be four of them. You will leave one to get to the next one. We are going to time you; overly wealthy investors are going to be racing against your time in other vehicles. Your trip will be from New York, New York to Orlando in Florida. Once in Orlando, your mission will be complete and you can go anywhere you choose in your object.”

“That is so awesome,” I said. I shook Mick’s hand; accepted the folder full of documents I was to bring to New York, in person; and made my way to the bus stop. I was well on my way to New York; I would be driving South in the newest Bugatti made. It was on.

Bugatti photos