Three Questions

Three Questions

Many times, during an interview, the person asking the questions receives the questions from the guest.  Of course, the reporter can always ask other questions or not, and time goes by.  Plenty of times there is a reason to try to stay proud of yourself while remaining humble.  In my real life I wanted to write a book.  Having just completed one, this prompt is an exciting and dreamy question for me to answer, personally.

One question, “Are you pleased with your work?” would be one that I would be happy to say yes to.  I revised and re-wrote the stories in “A Collection of Tales” many times over the last few years, using three differing grammar checkers and my own opinions of style.  I find the book to be impressive; not too many people know too much about it, currently.

On the topic, I do have three definite questions that I would find difficult.  I would find it difficult if the reporter asked, “What are your ideas on religion?  What are are your plans for higher education?  What do you seek when considering a spouse?”  Of course I can answer them.  I would like to go back to college when I have the money and time.  Christians always question their faith at some point in their life; I believe that the right one for me is either out there or not.  I try not to dwell on things that slow down learning, healthy forms of happiness, and ethical guidelines.

On an additional note, I would want to answer or state other things.  Do I plan to enjoy my time on this planet in regards to writing more?  Yes I will.  Do I hope to one day have an audience of literate people who agree and disagree with various ideologies in concerns with my writings/artwork?  Yes I do.  Do I enjoy positive feedback and am I trying to do a good job in order to impress my readers?  Of course I am; I want people to appreciate my work and efforts for all that those things can be.

In conclusion, I look forward to writing more and reading other authors’ works, too.  I hope you enjoy my writing; I enjoy doing it.  I welcome all feedback – thank you for your understanding.


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