Candy Cactus Flower

This candy cactus flower was originally created for my blog to be seen on the header.  I am into confectionery art as a hobby, almost love it as much as creative writing.  I eventually melted this cactus into small jolly-rancher sized pieces of candy for people I know.  It was fun.  🙂



This is my beloved first book, “A Collection of Tales”.  It is available as an e-book or by mail as a matte-finish paperback.  This is the first edition, the second edition will be highly similar and is on the way.  Here is my author page on amazon where you can buy and review Acoloftals, which is what I like to call this first book of mine.  I am thankful to be able to present it to you…


 Enjoy. 🙂

"A Collection of Tales" on the web...

This is a picture of the cover of the book I published with