A Sad Day for Gardening

For weeks I have been meaning to re-pot my purple basil plants. They were getting huge and it had been three months since I changed out the miracle grow. I cared for them once or twice a day for months and months. They were so big, in fact, that when I turned them over to remove old dirt from its root system, the main stems broke almost completely. There were two plants which grew over time into a sizable shrubbery, including numerous small lavender colored flowers. They were in great health, and I was happy that they were, as I am not really that good with gardening to begin with and was impressed that the plants were even alive.

So, I had to throw out one of the stems. The other one happened to still have a small branch coming off it with some leaves and a few flowers, so I gave it new soil and will see if it lives and how long. I now have a small Charlie Brown Christmas tree purple basil sprout -no more shrubbery. It will be less to maintain, and I am sure it will survive, so it was not a total tragedy, merely a 98% form of depression.

Basil is edible, even though I was growing the plants for no reason other than some pursuit, experimentation, something to behold, somehow.

Nevertheless, here is a photo of the branches which broke off. The remaining part of one of the plants is still alive and will hopefully make it. I did not take a photo of it, yet here is the photo of what I plan to dry out for seasoning.


For me, a plant that lived to this size (from left to right is about three feet) was quite an accomplishment, anyway. Thank you for reading and have a nice day. 🙂


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